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Roman-blind-problems, having been around for two thousand years, the roman blind has remained impressively loyal to its original design.however, the hanging fabric, once used by the romans to prevent dust being kicked into their home, has been mildly updated over the following millenia to become more stable, durable and long-lasting.. · 26th march 2015 troubleshooting: how to fix roman blinds. frequently used home furnishings, such as roman blinds, are bound to encounter a bit of trouble eventually, no matter how careful you are with them., roman shades, pleated blinds are nice although after some use they can wear out, become crooked and uneven, the fix is simple involving simple some need re t....

Thank you for your replies. i'm sorry i couldn't explain it very well. the batten which the blind is attached to does make it sit away from the wall and then when the blind is up, there are 2 or 3 folds of fabric at the bottom of the blind as you'd expect - the "back" fold sits against the wall either side of the window and then the other folds make the fabric stick out further (away from the ..., fitting and fixing venetian blinds, roman blinds and vertical blinds all follow the same routine (pretty much). it normally involves fixing a bracket or brackets (or the entire carriage) to either the internal area of the window recess (top fix or recess fix) or above the top of the window (face fix)..

» roman blind problems. start new thread in this topic | watch this thread | flip this thread | refresh the display add a message; this is page 1 of 1 (this thread has 3 messages.) roman blind problems (3 posts) add message | report. g4bby sun 14-nov-10 18:14:03. please help! my roman blind doesn't fold in the right places when i lift it. it kind of puckers up and i have to spend time coaxing ..., how to cord the merrick & day toman blind top fix cord lock..

Are you having trouble with your blinds? read our easy to follow troubleshooting guide from hillarys and get your blind back in working order, because roman shades operate by pulling action on strings through small loops, many problems can arise with the strings in their daily operations. the loops can pop off the back, or the string mechanism at the top of the roman shade can wear out. here are tips on how to identify, fix, and prevent common string problems and other situations that can occur with your roman shades..

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